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Belt Color Sorter

The minimalist operation interface brings new human-machine interaction experience and realizes personalized classification of impurities. The "minimalist" operation interface is supported by the core AI sorting technology, such as "deep self-learning".

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The track color sorter has the following advantages:

First, the track color sorter can greatly reduce the product breakage rate. Because the caterpillar color sorter delivers the product to the sorting area by the transmission of the caterpillar, in this process, the product is relatively static. The chute machine uses gravity to slide the product along the chute to the sorting area. In the process of sliding, there will be a lot of collision and friction between the products. Moreover, the range of up and down movement of the products is relatively large, which will make the products suffer impact and the rate of damage is high. To talk about

Two,Track color sorter has wide application scope. Because the chute of chute machine is designed according to the shape and size of the product, the chute can not be used at the same time for products with larger volume difference, or even can not be selected cleanly. The track color selection machine does not have this problem. To talk about

Three, the cleaning rate is high. The crawler color sorter uses belt transmission, smooth and stable, and no elastic material. It is convenient for color recognition, and the cleaning rate is high and the output ratio is small. The selected material enters the machine from the hopper, and falls on the track through the vibration of the vibrator device. With the acceleration of the track, the selected material falls out of the track into the observation area of the sorting room under the action of inertia, and passes through the sensor and the background plate. Under the action of light source, according to the intensity and color change of light, the system generates output signal to drive the solenoid valve to work and blow out the heterochromatic particles into the waste cavity of the hopper, while the good selected materials continue to fall into the finished cavity of the hopper, so as to achieve the purpose of sorting.

Compared with manual selection, labor saving, time saving, high efficiency and low processing cost. Improve the quality and economic and social benefits of the selected products.